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out to get you .. ^^

21 April
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Umm.. I'm Lina. aka Pauline... but that's mostly irl.. some peeps call me Lina irl too.. And it's weird.. but yeah, that's what it is. :P

I have pets. And know people. And there are miniature angora goats living at my place at the moment. O_O

I also have parents. And siblings. And some friends.. :P

I don't have a plane. I don't have wings.. though it'd be nice if I did.. but they wouldn't go too great with the tops I just bought.. in fact, I reckon it'd be pretty damn hard to find _any_ tops to go with wings..

But I guess that's just the way the world is.. not catering to the winged ones.... *sigh*

umm. yeah. And I have a problem with drifing, too. What was I writing about again?

Hum. I guess that's it. That's me. I like art, tv, sleeping, music, animals, my computer, animated stuff, reading .. and yeah. Stacks more.

--The end. ^^*
animals, animated stuff, anime, cheese!!!!!! :p, computers, dance, drawing, music, playing instruments.... rararararrrrr., reading, singing, sleeping, writing